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Revised December 12, 2016

The photos on this page were provided by Capt. David O. Hill who has been the SPAR Historian and Archivist for approximately sixteen years. Those on page 2 were returned to SPAR on Jan. 31, 2007, by Capt. Joe Szaflarski to whom they had been entrusted when he was the previous SPAR historian. Archive photos will also appear in other sections of the web site, such as the aircraft section and memorial sections, when appropriate.

The original photographers, if known, are indicated by their initials are in parentheses, and are listed at the bottom of the page. Donors of Seaboard photos are indicated by their initials in square brackets.

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casino_du_liban-t.jpg Lloyd Churchey, George Mayfield, and Chuck Burger at the famous Casino du Liban in Lebanon north of Beirut.

They set a standard for dress rarely seen on a layover.  (DH)

a15t.jpg Larry Nelson, Bermuda, 1950's  (LN)

a16t.jpg Pilot Bob Gehret, unidenified woman, and Burt Hubbs

Luxembourg, 1950's  (LN)

a13t.jpg Pilot Jess Frack, 1950's  (RM)

a12t.jpg Navigator Jesse Watson, 1970  (JF)

a10t.jpg A crew at the Heliopolis Hotel in Cairo, 1955  (LN)

a07t.jpg Joe Marshall  (LN)

a24t.jpg Elaine Fife, Jamaica, 1954 or 1955  (RG)


a26t.jpg Four gals and the fountain
in the courtyard of the Palace in Heidelberg, Germany, 1965 - 1967

Mary Ellen Jablonski, Peggy Barnish?, ?, ?  (PJ)

a25t.jpg Jane Boggess Heguy at the her home in Hilton Head, SC, 1997

Jane was the first Seaboard Flight Attendant.
She later married the navigator on that flight, Henry Heguy.
He later became Seaboard's Vice President, System Operations.
On Oct. 17, 1980, shortly after the merger with Flying Tigers,
Jane dedicated a new Boeing 747F, the "Henry L. Heguy."  (DH)

a27t.jpg Pat Laska on Okinawa, 1971  (LW)

JFJack Finn
RGRoz Grashaw
DHCapt. David Hill
PJCapt. Paul Jordan
RMCapt. Bob Mangas
LNCapt. Larry Nelson
RSCapt. Bob Snowden
LWLavyrn Wallace
SWASeaboard Photo

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