SPAR in Connecticut

July 14, 2010

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ct_10k-16t.jpg Nick Tramontano (KK)

ct_10k-10t.jpg Bob Gibson (KK)

ct_10k-12t.jpg Don & Erica Cutcomb (KK)

ct_10k-01t.jpg Joe Smoltz and Pat Foley (KK)

ct_10k-02t.jpg Henry Brockington (KK)

ct_10k-03t.jpg Hal Bemis and Bob Livingston (KK)

ct_10k-04t.jpg Jim Thomas (KK)

ct_10k-05t.jpg Don de Lambert and Fred Thorp (KK)

ct_10k-06t.jpg Brian King, Bill Lawrence, and Don King (KK)

ct_10k-08t.jpg Evelyn King and Kathy Greene (KK)

ct_10k-09t.jpg Dick Hamm and Frank Umhoefer (KK)

ct_10k-15t.jpg Ray Dorman and Joe Kane (KK)

ct_10k-14t.jpg Charlie Greene (KK)

  KK   Ken Kahn

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