SPAR in Connecticut

August 14, 2013

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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kk51t.jpg Nick with Alexis Neuenhaus and Andrea Battern  (KK)

kk53t.jpg Alexis and Andrea with a happy camper, Ken Kahn  (KK)

kk50t.jpg Two guys with attitude

Nick and John Griffith  (KK)

kk47t.jpg Tom & Barbara Tesar  (KK)

ab602t.jpg Hal Bemis, Ken Kahn, Anita & Ed Bouvier, Hank Treger, and Fred Thorp  (AB)

kk60t.jpg Fred Thorp, Pinky Clark, and Dolores Andrew  (KK)

kk58t.jpg Hank Treger, Pinky Clark, and Bob Gibson  (KK)

kk64t.jpg Nick, Barbara Poole, and Pat Parlette  (KK)

kk57t.jpg Evelyn & Don King  (KK)

kk63t.jpg Three guys who look like airline pilots

Hal Bemis, Hank Treger, and Ray Poole Jr.  (KK)

kk66t.jpg Patrick LeBedis  (KK)

ab628t.jpg The company and food were both great

Nick and Bob Gibson  (AB)

ab621t.jpg Nobody went home hungry

Barbara Poole, Tom & Barbara Tesar, and Hank Treger  (AB)

ab633t.jpg Patrick LeBedis brought a beautiful die-cast metal model of a Seaboard Boeing 747  (AB)

ABAnita Bouvier
KKKen Kahn
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