SPAR in Connecticut

July 29th, 2014

Revised August 15, 2014

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

Six photos by Anita Bouvier added 8/15/14 indicated by a blue asterisk

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kk04t.jpg Ed & Anita with Nick  (KK)  

kk05t.jpg Christl, Nick and Sabine  (KK)  

kk07t.jpg Evelyn, Don, Anita, and Ed  (KK)  

kk08t.jpg Bob, Carol, and Joe  (KK)  

ab29t.jpg *Don & Evelyn  (AB)  

ab28t.jpg *We visited in the parking lot until hunger drove us into the restaurant.  (AB)  

kk09t.jpg Fred & Tokiko  (KK)  

bg03t.jpg Sabine and Tokiko  (BG)  

bg05t.jpg Sabine, Anita, Evelyn, Don and Pat  (BG)  

ab39t.jpg *How fine it is to dine with friends,  (AB)  

ab40t.jpg *especially when what they ordered looks better than what you ordered.  (AB)  

kk03t.jpg Ken Eckstein, Carol, Bob, Sabine, and Ken Kahn  (KK)  

kk06t.jpg Bob, Hal, Dennis, Crystal, Ed, Nick, Sabine, and Ken Eckstein  (KK)  

kk01t.jpg Nick and Ken Eckstein with Ken's beautiful 1940 Packard which he largely restored himself.  (KK)  

ab26t.jpg *This beautiful car and some other things of this vintage, including us, are finer than the new stuff.  (AB)  

ab43t.jpg *Those damn paparazzi are everywhere

    Never mind, it's just me.  (AB)  

ABAnita Bouvier
BGBob Gibson
KKKen Kahn

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