SPAR in Connecticut

August 17th, 2016

This year, sixteen of us had a very nice visit and lunch at a new restaurant (for us), Papa Joe's Ristorante Italiano in Darien CT. Attending were Ernie & Liz Gaiser, Don & Evelyn King, Ken Kahn, Carol Koliger, Diana Morgan and her cousin Harvey, Pat Palette, Bill & Adela Razzano, Joe Smoltz, Sandy Tramontano, Hank Treger, and Fran & John Winkelman.

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page.

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ar2948t.jpg Early arrivals enjoying some refreshment outside the restaurant.

Bill & Adela Razzano with John & Fran Winkelman  (AR)  

kk16t.jpg Joe Smoltz arrived in his 1952 MG TD  (KK)  

kk14t.jpg Nice, even though it's the co-pilot model.  (KK)  

kk01t.jpg Hank Treger  (KK)  

kk12t.jpg Sandy Tramontano  (KK)  

kk11t.jpg Carol Kolinger  (KK)  

kk06t.jpg Fran Winkelman with Bill & Adela Razzano  (KK)  

kk08t.jpg Pat Parlette and Hank Treger  (KK)  

kk10t.jpg Don & Evelyn King

Don wouldn't tell us what he was dreaming about.  (KK)  

kk02t.jpg Diana Morgan and Liz Gaiser  (KK)  

kk04t.jpg Adela Razzano, John Winkelman, Ernie Gaiser, and Diana Morgan's cousin Harvey  (KK)  

ar3030t.jpg Sandy Tramontano and Carol Kolinger  (AR)  

kk09t.jpg Joe Smoltz

Did he wear a FedEx shirt to a SPAR lunch?  (KK)  

ar2953t.jpg Almost half of the group  (AR)  

ar2998t.jpg Most of the group  (AR)  

ar3019t.jpg All 16  (AR)  

KKKen Kahn
ARAdela Razzano

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