Seaboard Reunion in Frankfurt, 2007

Aug. 24, 2007

The reunion was organized by Helga Traeger who just retired from FedEx and was long-time assistant to Os Buttler. Approximately 31 people attended this nice get-together at the Sachsenhäuser Warte restaurant and enjoyed the rippchen with sauerkraut or the schweinshaxe.

Information courtesy of Tony Moussalli
Photos courtesy of Karl Norbert Müeller, FRA maintenance

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017t.jpg  Frank Reinhardt, Herbert Hoernig, Karl Bueddefeld, Karl Lupus

022t.jpg  Rebecca McNeill, Bob Edwards

026t.jpg  Heri Diehlmann, Helmut Mehling, Gustav Recksieck

027t.jpg  Detlev Schroeder, Sigi Moussalli, Baerbel Alsheimer,
 Mike Morton, Tony Moussalli, Bernd Alsheimer

028t.jpg  Tony Moussalli, Bernd Alsheimer

031t.jpg  Mrs. Buttler, Os Buttler, Sigrun Jankowiak

037t.jpg  Helga Traeger, Helmut Vogel, Norbert Mahr

039t.jpg  Karl Norbert Müeller, Herbert Hoernig, Karl Bueddefeld, Karl Lupus

042t.jpg  Baerbel Alsheimer, Heri Diehlmann

043t.jpg  Helga Traeger, Os Buttler

046t.jpg  Karl Norbert Müeller, Frank Reinhardt, Herbert Hoernig,
 Karl Bueddefeld

047t.jpg  Bernd Alsheimer, Klaus Hasenpflug, Charly Klamp

048t.jpg  Gerd Zausch, Dieter Weckesser, Asgar Stegbauer

050t.jpg  Tony Moussalli, Brigitte Franz, Asgar Stegbauer, Gustav Recksieck

052t.jpg  Helga Traeger, Ursula Kohlmann

054t.jpg  Sigi Moussalli, Baerbel Alsheimer, Heri Diehlmann

055t.jpg  Heri Diehlmann, Helma Kohler, Francis Dias


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