Seaboard Lunch at Sachsenhäeuser Warte Restaurant, Frankfurt

August 12, 2011

Additonal photos around Frankfurt, including the Baseler Eck

Revised October 10, 2011

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Photos courtesy of Anita & Ed Bouvier

eb011t.jpg  1. We're not in Kansas anymore ...

eb047t.jpg  2. A familiar and welcoming entrance

     Seaboard people have enjoyed good meals here for more than forty years.

eb017t.jpg  3. Pat Parlette and Ed Bouvier with Gerd Hitzinger, the proprietor

eb029t.jpg  4. There's a scene to whet one's appetite

     Ed & Anita Bouvier and Pat Parlette

eb019t.jpg  5. Pat Parlette and Barbara Diehlmann

eb023t.jpg  6. Barbara & Heri Diehlmann and Paul & Sheila Cellecz

eb043t.jpg  7. Anita Bouvier, Pat Parlette, Gerd, Paul & Sheila Cellecz

eb049t.jpg  8. Ed Bouvier, Paul & Sheila Cellecz in front of the "Eck"

eb057t.jpg  9. Sheila, Anita, and Paul about to go for a cruise

eb095t.jpg 10. Up a lazy river

     Sheila, Paul, and Ed

eb125t.jpg 11. Sheila Cellecz and Sigi Moussalli at the Sachsenhäeuser Warte

eb127t.jpg 12. Danielle Stegbauer

eb129t.jpg 13. Asgar Stegbauer

eb131t.jpg 14. Norbert Mahr, Rebecca McNeill, and Ursula Kohlmann

eb137t.jpg 15. Ed Bouvier with Renate & Tommie McPherson

eb153t.jpg 16. Paul Cellecz, Os Buttler, Tony Moussalli, and Klaus Hasenpflug

eb165t.jpg 17. Anita Bouvier and Sigi Moussalli

eb189t.jpg 18. Asgar Stegbauer

eb195t.jpg 19. Konrad Bartocha, Klaus Hasenpflug, Heri Diehlmann, Pat Parlette, Helmut Mehling, Gustaf Recksiek, Karl Lupus

eb189t.jpg 20. Asgar Stegbauer

eb201t.jpg 21. Os Buttler and Helga Traeger

eb217t.jpg 22. Sheila & Paul and Anita in a pretty lunch setting

eb239t.jpg 23. Ed, Sheila & Paul at the foot of Kaiserstrasse

eb243t.jpg 24. Heri Diehlmann, Bob Edwards, Frank Reinhardt, and Ed Bouvier

eb245t.jpg 25. Where's the Seaboard cap?
     Tony Moussalli

eb719t.jpg 26. Barbara Diehlmann, Danielle & Asgar Stegbauer, Heidi & Gustaf Recksiek
    Paul & Sheila Cellecz, and Heri Diehlmann

eb283t.jpg 27. At least some shopping is mandatory

eb287t.jpg 28. Heading home

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