Eugene Greider's Photos, 1948-1950

courtesy of Cheryl Greider Bradkin

(Eugene was the sixth pilot hired by Seaboard)

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Please send me any information about these photos that you can provide

greider01t.jpg 1. Perle Mesta, U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, is third from left

Luxembourg, 1950

Crewmember on right is unidentified  

greider02t.jpg 2. Another unidentified crewmember on right  

greider04t.jpg 3.    

greider07t.jpg 4. Unknown person, Luxembourg.

DC-4 has paint scheme not previously seen on a Seaboard airplane.  

greider16t.jpg 5. Same man, possibly Seaboard employee in Luxembourg  

greider09t.jpg 6. Unidentified flight attendant in unfamiliar uniform

Possibly one of the flight attendants Seaboard borrowed during its first year
of passenger operations until it set up its own flight attendant department.  

greider11t.jpg 7. ?  

greider10t.jpg 8. ?  

greider13t.jpg 9. ?  

greider14t.jpg 10. ?  

greider15t.jpg 11. Joe Halsmer  

greider4t.jpg 12. Eugene Greider in Luxembourg  

Another photo taken by Eugene Greider previously posted with unidentified people is here.

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