Robert Kremer's Photos

Wake Island, 1950's

Revised July 15, 2006

Please let me know if you recognize any of the unidentified people

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wake52-01t.jpg Carl Hirschberg, F/O Ed McDermott, and Navigator Paul Stark.

wake-27t.jpg Pinky Clark giving Nancy Fowler a photography lesson.

(Or something like that).

wake-24t.jpg Mark Sattler enjoying the beach at Rock Resort luxury hotel.
(There are a lot of rocks)

Nancy Fowler is standing, talking to Jack Kellogg.

wake-25t.jpg Pinky is wondering why Mark is getting all the feminine attention.


wake52-05t.jpg Mark Sattler

wake-21t.jpg Bill Callanan in HNL operations, where he worked at the time.


wake52-03t.jpg Bill Callanan

wake-11t.jpg The Donald (or is it Lawrence of Arabia?)

 Don Blinn, with Kay Penn in the background

wake-09t.jpg F/A Kay Penn, April 1952.

wake52-04t.jpg ?

wake-29t.jpg Milt Greene

wake-30t.jpg Bob Schipper

Enroute between Wake and Honolulu; May 10, 1952.

wake-20t.jpg Jack Pugh


wake-17t.jpg Frank Hotoff (sp?)

Radio operator on DC-4

wake-15t.jpg ? and Helen Brown

wake-16t.jpg ?

rk50s-01t  Dick Carpenter

 Dick was one of the earliest Seaboard pilots,
 hired in 1948.

wake-23t.jpg Ed Kaston, Charlie Johnson, George Sund, and Bob Kremer
outside the maintenance shack.

(It's really the Transocean bar)

wake-10t.jpg This is what it was all about.


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