Margaret Powell's Photos, 1967 - 1975

Please let me know if you recognize any of the unidentified people
Dates, where indicated, are those when the film was processed.

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Come Fly With Me

mmp_04t.jpg  01 Aleta Kimbell and Shirley Smith

mmp_12t.jpg  02 Nora Cole

mmp_03t.jpg  03 ?

mmp_01t.jpg  04 Susie Hinton and John Bertschi

mmp_11t.jpg  05 Susie Hinton and Margaret Morrell Powell

mmp_08t.jpg  06 ?, Susie Hinton and ?

mmp_07t.jpg  07 Margaret Morrell Powell

mmp_21t.jpg  08 Ray Poole

mmp_09t.jpg  09 George Mayfield and Mike Wojciechowski

mmp_8-72_08t.jpg  10 Danny Hoolihan, 8/72

mmp_8-72_10t.jpg  11 Pete Forrest and Jo Ann Benzing, 8/72

mmp_06t.jpg  12 After a hard day at the office
  Linda Chaney

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