Celebration of Life Party for Capt. Nick Tramontano

Waterbury-Oxford Airport, Oxford, CT   April 16, 2016

tramontano1.jpg Nick & Sandy at the Fantasy of Flight Museum, Polk City, FL,   March 2013.

A Celebration of Life Party was held on April 16th, 2016 for Capt. Nick Tramontano in a hangar at the Waterbury-Oxford Airport in Oxford, CT. It was an extraordinary event, including a missing-man flyover by a DC-3 and three T-6s. I estimate that there were at least 200 attendees; some coming from as far as Florida. I apologize for any omissions.

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nt25t.jpg Sandy  

nt23t.jpg Sandy with Ken Johansen, the son of Seaboard flight attendant Denise Johansen.
He is an United Airlines pilot and flew one of the T-6s in the missing man flyover.  

nt26t.jpg Ken Johansen with Pat Parlette  

nt20t.jpg Pat Parlette with Sabine Gibson  

nt11t.jpg Patti Kane Fisher, Paul Cellecz, and Margaret LeBedis  

nt01t.jpg Pat Foley and Linc Dexter  

nt18t.jpg Joe Smoltz, Linc Dexter, and Henry Brockington  

nt02t.jpg Fred & Tokiko Thorp  

nt08t.jpg Jeri Wachtler & John Griffith  

nt14t.jpg Margaret LeBedis and Patrick LeBedis

Behind them are Patti Kane Fisher, Pat Parlette, and Linc Dexter  

nt19t.jpg Don & Evelyn King  

nt03t.jpg Ted Loubris and Pat Foley  

nt07t.jpg Ken Kahn  

nt21t.jpg Liz and Don de Lambert with Patrick LeBedis  

nt22t.jpg Phil Zieger and Jim Zock  

nt12t.jpg Terry & Ed Ruhl (Flying Tigers), Jeri Wachtler & John Griffith, and Ted Loubris  

nt04t.jpg Paul Cellecz, Steve Jeffries, Ted Loubris, and Pat Foley  

nt13t.jpg Ted Loubris, Jim Zock, and John Griffith  

nt10t.jpg Nick's SNJ-5  

nt09t.jpg Nick's Beech 18  

nt16t.jpg Part of the crowd sitting for the ceremony. More were standing outside the hangar door.
The minister is standing on the right, wearing a white jacket.  

nt17t.jpg Pat Foley was one of several of Nick's friends and relatives who spoke about him.

nt-dd1t.jpg Flyover  

nt-dd2t.jpg Pull up  

 Flyover photos by Don de Lambert
 Other photos by Ken Kahn