2002 SPAR Reunion

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Courtesy of Capt. Warren J. Clark & Dolores Andrew

r02-01t.jpg Bob Snowden, Pinky Clark

r02-02t Dolores Andrew, Joan Volkman

r02-03t Ike & Andrea Battern

r02-05t John Winkelman, Link Dexter

r02-06t Arnie Visnick, Don King

r02-07t John & Fran Winkelman

r02-08t Neal & Juliane Ketcher, Sam Couch, Don King

r02-09t Martha & Bill McMakin

r02-10t Pat Parlette, Marjorie & Bob Snowden

r02-11t Bob Mangas, Paul Cellecz

r02-12t Moira & Leroy Samuelson

r02-13t ?, Gloria Bowling, Mary Mangas

r02-14t Paul Jordan, Ernie Christoffersen, Gene Gaselle, Pat Parlette

r02-15t Mary Mangas, Joan Volkman, Bob Mangas

r02-16t Pat Parlette, Dolores Andrew, Patty Hyatt

r02-17t Sam Couch, Bonnie Sprague

r02-18t Beatrice & George Jacoban

r02-19t Aleta Kimball, Nick Tramontano, S. Smith

r02-20t S. Smith, Aleta Kimball, Sheila Cellecz

r02-21t Bob Straley, Bob Snowden, Richard Jackson, Mike Wojciechowski, Jean Glick, David Hill

Group portrait during cruise on the Majesty of the Seas
courtesy of Martha Jackson

r02-23t Be sure to scroll to the sides to see entire photo.

List of names

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