2006 SPAR Reunion

Portsmouth, NH,  May 21 - 25

Revised July 31, 2006

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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Lobby Patrol

r06f024t.jpg Helen Hoating and Joe Smoltz  (LF)


r06k032t.jpg Joe King and Fred Blackman  (KK)


r06k036t.jpg Pat Long  (KK)


r06k034t.jpg Svandis Long  (KK)


r06k038t.jpg Holle Culver  (KK)


r06c15t.jpg Bill Hyatt

After all those years in the cockpit,
he still grabs a quick nap every chance he gets.  (PC)

Hospitality Suite

r06k003t.jpg Our two favorite ladies (who were also the world's greatest flight attendants)

Pat Parlette and Roz Grashaw  (KK)

r06k008t.jpg Vince Sproul  (KK)


r06k009t.jpg Grace Sproul  (KK)


r06k012t.jpg Paul Jordan and Frank Umhoeffer  (TL)


r06l007t.jpg Ed & Sue Mitchell  (TL)


r06k067t.jpg Pat Parlette and Pinky Clark  (TL)


r06l011t.jpg Dolores Andrew, Pinky Clark, and George Jacoban  (TL)


r06k006t.jpg Noreen McCarthy and MaryBeth McKinney

Noreen (nee Young) was a flight attendent in the 1950's,
and was married to Wendell Hale.  (KK)

r06c01t.jpg Girl talk

Sheila Cellecz and Dolores Andrew  (PC)


r06l036t.jpg Dan Duffy  (TL)


r06l009t.jpg Lou Furlong and Linc Dexter  (TL)


r06l010t.jpg Herb & Jacquie Stauning  (TL)


r06k072t.jpg Carol Gray  (KK)


  PC   Pinky Clark
  KK   Ken Kahn
  TL   Ted Loubris

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