2007 SPAR Reunion

Portsmouth, NH,  Sunday, May 20 - Wednesday, May 23

Revised June 6, 2007

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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Check-in and Lobby Patrol

k171t.jpg The Bartnicki expedition arrives

Joe & his wife Pat, daughter Tara; and grandchildren
Aidan, Madison, and Connor.

Grandpa looks beat.  (KK)

k167t.jpg Christl Mathis, Dennis Quick, and Evelyn King  (KK)

k138t.jpg Joe Kane & his daughter Patti  (KK)

k122t.jpg Martha & Bill McMakin  (KK)

k121t.jpg Matt Devine and Frank Umhoeffer  (KK)

k143t.jpg Don Cutcomb  (KK)

k141t.jpg Doris & Ed Foster  (KK)

k114t.jpg Don & Evelyn King  (KK)

k115t.jpg Joe King and Jeanne  (KK)

k169t.jpg Sam Couch and Hal Bemis  (KK)

k166t.jpg Charlie Greene  (KK)

k117t.jpg George & Bea Jacoban  (KK)

k139t.jpg Harry & Noriko McCarthy  (KK)

k164t.jpg Kathy Greene and Peg & Rich Bochkay  (KK)

k116t.jpg Liz Gaiser, and Joe & Pat Bartnicki  (KK)

k120t.jpg Tony Moussalli  (KK)

k126t.jpg Per Aanonsen  (KK)

k180t.jpg Erica & Don Cutcomb  (KK)

k039t.jpg Steve Jeffries and Jim Thomas  (KK)

k142t.jpg George Conway  (KK)

k180t.jpg Joe & Marie Smoltz  (KK)

k096t.jpg Barbara & Hilary Leiss  (KK)

  KK   Ken Kahn

List of Attendees

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