2008 SPAR Reunion

Pensacola, FL,  Sunday, March 16 - Tuesday, March 18

Revised Apr. 16, 2008

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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Come down to Florida, down by the sea ...

l002t.jpg A warm sunny beach  (TL)

p013t.jpg It sure beats working  (BP)

w01t.jpg Pat Long with Karin & Matt Devine  (JW)

p016t.jpg The Donald

Don Blinn  (BP)

k076t.jpg Helene & Joe Paiva  (KK)

k075t.jpg Robert Kremer  (KK)


Hospitality Room

k044t.jpg Sheila Cellecz and Peg Bochkay  (KK)

l017t.jpg Paul Cellecz and Ed Bouvier  (TL)

k048t.jpg Paul & Patricia Jordan  (KK)

k107t.jpg Pat Parlette and Sandy Adams  (KK)

k045t.jpg Walter & Freddy Bernhold with Paul Cellecz  (KK)

k046t.jpg Jeanne Anderson and Rich Bochkay  (KK)

k022t.jpg Ralph Brell and John Willmott  (KK)

k029t.jpg Linda Christoffersen  (KK)

k071t.jpg Sam Couch  (KK)

k072t.jpg Reed Dilbeck  (KK)

p007t.jpg John Gobel & Keye Hollister  (BP)

k030t.jpg Family business

Joe & Don King  (KK)

  KK   Ken Kahn
  TL   Ted Loubris
  JW   John Willmott

List of Attendees

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