2009 SPAR Reunion

Charleston, SC,  Sunday, March 29th - Wednesday April 1st

Revised May 13, 2009

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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gc-13t.jpg A view of a Charleston, a beautiful, historic city.

In the right rear is the U.S.S. Yorktown at Patriot's Point.
Many of us visited it on Monday.  (GC)

Lobby Patrol

kk-39t.jpg Christine & Hank Treger  (KK)

kk-30t.jpg Three girls and me. No wonder I'm smiling.

Kathy Furlong, Ken Kahn, Rosie Cardinali, and Robin Hobson  (KK)

kk-29t.jpg Wendell & Robin Hobson  (KK)

kk-41t.jpg Don Rothacker  (KK)

kk-72t.jpg Diana Morgan  (KK)

kk-73t.jpg Lorraine Pfaff and Sam Couch  (KK)

kk-40t.jpg John Bilotta, Jr.  (KK)

Hospitality Room

dh-47t.jpg Pinky Clark  (DH)

dh-46t.jpg Bob Mangas  (DH)

dh-29t.jpg Martha McMakin  (DH)

kk-23t.jpg Bill McMakin with Kathy & Charlie Greene  (KK)

dh-24t.jpg Don & Evelyn King  (DH)

dh-40t.jpg This is why I really like reunions - I get to hug the girls.

Ken Kahn and Pam Snyder  (DH)

dh-65t.jpg John Bilotta, junior and senior  (DH)

dh-33t.jpg Linda & Ernie Christoffersen  (DH)

kk-28t.jpg Al Tiburzzi with Tony & Sigi Moussalli  (KK)

kk-70t.jpg A cute couple

Helene & Joe Paiva  (KK)

  GC   George Conway
  DH   David Hill
  KK   Ken Kahn

List of Attendees

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