2010 SWA Flight Attendants Reunion

List of the people who attended (43)

Revised Oct. 29, 2010

The three asterisks indicate people who are not shown in the photos

Diane Bailey Angoni
Dea Bauer Puthoff
Gloria Bowling Moore
Judy Carroll Moore
Andrea Cerar Battern
Mary Lou Cody
Kathy Dubacher Cornwell
Dianne Christenson Kinzig
Holle Culver
Sheila Durkin Poole
Colette Gelinas Clowes
*Mackenzie Green (only visited for a few hours)
Carol Everhart
Pat Fargotstein Rothacker
Bonnie Feustal Sprague
Roz Grashaw
Robin Hahn Hobson
Keye Hollister
Jan Ireland Manning
Julie Johns Kane
Mary Keller Mangas
Suzi Kuhlman McKinney (Donna Kuhlman)
Judy Lonergan (only visited for a few hours)
Dixie Marsh
Mary Beth McKinney
*Sandy McQuillin
Karla Miller Angle
Diana Morgan
Barbara Morton Bungay
Sandi Murtishaw
Margaret Nelson Hannuksela
Signe Olausen
Vicki Oswald Morgan Thornton
Pat Parlette
Mudge Patterson Spaulding
Nancy Cuddy Pennell
Gail Schoeder Dunn
*Kathy Sheean Cavell
Sarah Uzzell-Rindlaub
Margaret Van Haitsma Hill
Lavyrn Wallace
Shirley Widerski Miller
Trudy Weigand Frank


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