2013 SPAR Reunion

Tampa, FL   March 1 - March 4

Revised April 10, 2013

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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kk570t.jpg The Grand Hyatt was quite grand.

The setting was beautiful  (KK)

sw081t.jpg with lots of palm trees  (SW)

ab166t.jpg and tropical flowers.  (AB)

ab165t.jpg The pool looked inviting but it was too cold to swim.  (AB)

sw049t.jpg Sue Whipple enjoying the view from the boardwalk that winds
through the mangroves down to the water.  (SW)

tl086t.jpg Karen & Allan Tiburzi enjoying the complimentary breakfast that was included in the SPAR package.  (TL)

cm816t.jpg Christl Mathis and Pat Parlette catching up

There never is enough time for us to get caught up with everyone.  (CM)

Hospitality Suite

kk607t.jpg Everything was deluxe  (KK)

lf357t.jpg The SPAR officers put out a nice display of Seaboard photos and other interesting items. (LF)

lf354t.jpg Catching up after a year of separation. (LF)

lf358t.jpg Martha McMakin, Mary Mangas, Joan Volkman, Patty Hyatt, and Nancy Pennell (LF)

kk524t.jpg Lou Furlong and Dan Duffy  (KK)

lf362t.jpg Al Kressel taking a trip down memory lane with Allan & Karen Tiburzi (LF)

kk586t.jpg Pinky Clark, Jacquie Staunning, Dolores Andrew, and Patti Hyatt  (KK)

kk576t.jpg Sheila Cellecz  (KK)

cm165t.jpg Joan Volkman, Christl Mathis and Pat Parlette  (CM)

kk527t.jpg Danielle Stegbauer  (KK)

kk547t.jpg Pam Snyder and Nancy Pennell  (KK)

kk589t.jpg Our own Grand Hyatt

Bill  (KK)

kk532t.jpg There's a guy who knows how to avoid redeye

George Conway, Bob Benito (loadmaster) and Arnie Visnick  (KK)

tl053t.jpg Dan Duffy & Sue Whipple  (TL)

kk569t.jpg Peggy Levine & Ted Berman  (KK)

lf353t.jpg Fashion Contest Winner - as usual, Harry took first prize for fashion innovation

Harry & Noriko McCarthy with Nick Tramontano (LF)

kk522t.jpg Noriko & Harry McCarthy with Bill Hyatt  (KK)

ABAnita Bouvier
LFLou Furlong
KKKen Kahn
TLTed Loubris
CMChristl Mathis
SWSue Whipple

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List of Attendees

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