2014 SPAR Reunion

Orlando, FL   March 9 - March 12

Revised March 29, 2014

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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These are our officers and their wives, without whom the last six reunions would not have happened. Paul & Sheila and Ed & Anita were involved in even before that.

dh029_049t.jpg Kathy & Lou Furlong  (DH)

kk16_24t.jpg Sheila & Paul Cellecz (KK)

kk19t.jpg Ed & Anita Bouvier  (KK)

Hanging Out in the Hotel

Visiting with people who have been our friends for most of our lives and making some new friends is what's best about these reunions

ab780t.jpg This is the place  (AB)

kk43t.jpg John Griffith and Lou Furlong  (KK)

kk13t.jpg Dolores Andrew, Ted Loubris, Pinky Clark, Paul Cellecz, and Dick Sunderman  (KK)

kk14t.jpg Pinky Clark with Jacquie & Herb Staunning  (KK)

kk26t.jpg Nick & Sandy Tramontano, Pat Parlette, and Rosalie Hughs  (KK)

ab777t.jpg Jean Glick  (AB)

kk31t.jpg Vera Penland  (KK)

kk32t.jpg Tina Wojciechowski (Mike's daughter)  (KK)

kk05t.jpg Angie Pack, Stan LeBedis's daughter, with two of Art John's daughters, Sue and Marilyn  (KK)

kk06t.jpg Marilyn and her husband George Reiss  (KK)

kk23t.jpg Andy & Lee Flood  (KK)

kk36t.jpg Fran & John Winkelman with Heri Diehlmann  (KK)

kk07t.jpg Linc Dexter and David Hill  (KK)

kk10t.jpg Rosalie Hughs & Linc Dexter  (KK)

kk20t.jpg Allan & Karen Tiburzi  (KK)

kk09t.jpg Sue John with Joann Benzing & Eric Carlson  (KK)

ABAnita Bouvier
DHDavid Hill
LFLou Furlong
KKKen Kahn
TLTed Loubris

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List of Attendees

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