2015 Joint Flying Tigers - SPAR Reunion

New Orleans, LA   May 6th - May 10th

Revised May 29, 2015

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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kk18t.jpg Reunion poster


  large  (your browser might require setting to view this image full-size)  (KK)  

kk17t.jpg Medallion given to attendees.   That tiger is one party animal

(about 2½" in diameter)  (KK)

kk15t.jpg Name badge for SPAR members who attended the reunion

(3" x 2")  (KK)

lf7729t.jpg One of a few large posters signed by the attendees   (LF)

Getting Reacquainted in the Hospitality Suite

tl4898t.jpg Reed Dilbeck, Arnie Visnick, Pat Parlette, Mi-Yang Kim, and Bill Rose   (TL)

tl4899t.jpg Reed Dilbeck, Ted Loubris, and Arnie Visnick   (TL)

br10t.jpg Kathy Conway   (BR)

br12t.jpg Arnie Visnick   (BR)

tl4948t.jpg Jean Snidow and Joe Smoltz   (TL)

br11t.jpg George Conway, Jill Purinton, and Al Kressel   (BR)

tl4882t.jpg Annette Forbes, wife of Jay Forbes (FTL), with Joe King & Jo Ann Orlandi   (TL)

dh10t.jpg Bill Rose, Vera Penland, and Rebecca Carroll   (DH)

tl4868t.jpg Al Kressel   (TL)

tl4865t.jpg Peter Okicich and John Dixon, Secretary-Treasurer and President of FTLPA, the Tigers equivalent of SPAR

They did an enormous amount of work to make the reunion the success it was.   (TL)

RDReed Dilbeck
LFLou Furlong
DHDavid Hill
KKKen Kahn
TLTed Loubris
BRBill Rose
TWTina Wojciechowski

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List of Seaboard Attendees

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