2016 SPAR Reunion

Springfield, VA (Washington, D.C.)   May 1 - May 5

Revised May 13, 2016

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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Hanging Out in the Hotel

kk38t.jpg This is the place  (KK)

kk40t.jpg Thanks to our SPAR officers, Lou & Kathy Furlong, Paul & Sheila Cellecz, and Ed & Anita Bouvier;
we were never in danger of dehydration in the hospitality suite.  (KK)

kk05t.jpg Ed Bouvier and Lou Furlong  (KK)

kk14t.jpg Heri Diehlmann, Lou Furlong, and Paul Cellecz  (KK)

kk20t.jpg Heri & Barbara Diehlmann with Ken Chapman

Heri and Barbara came from Germany.  (KK)

kk17t.jpg Mike & Jeannie Bradish

Mike was operations supervisor in Detroit.  (KK)

kk23t.jpg Ted & Peg Loubris  (KK)

kk01t.jpg Suzie and Patty Hyatt

Suzie is a pilot, following in her dad's footsteps.  (KK)

ab62t.jpg Don & Evelyn King  (AB)

ab55t.jpg Ed & Rosie Cardinali with Paul Cellecz  (AB)

kk06t.jpg Linc Dexter & Meredith  (KK)

kk07t.jpg Sheila Cellecz and Fran Winkelman  (KK)

kk12t.jpg "So I told the chief pilot to ..."

Linc Dexter and John Snidow  (KK)

kk13t.jpg Amy and Dan Duffy  (KK)

kk21t.jpg Peg Loubris and Rebecca Carroll  (KK)

kk15t.jpg Women sometimes have an urge to think about and discuss things not related to aviation.
Odd, isn't it.

Fran Winkelman and Pam Snyder  (KK)

sh08t.jpg Suzie Hyatt and Paul Jordan  (SH)

ABAnita Bouvier
LFLou & Kathy Furlong
SHSuzie Hyatt
KKKen Kahn
TLTed Loubris

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List of Attendees

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