2017 SPAR Reunion

Mystic - New London, Conn.   May 21 - May 24

Revised May 28, 2017

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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Location, Location, Location

kk01t.jpg The Mystic Marriott  (KK)

kk05t.jpg The Seaboard spirit prevails, 70 years to the month since the first flight.  (KK)

mm-125t.jpg Our officers to whom we owe thanks for the past nine reunions.

Ed Bouvier, Lou Furlong, and Paul Cellecz  (MM)

kk04t.jpg Anita Bouvier and Sheila Cellecz  (KK)

kk10t.jpg Paul Cellecz, Joe Bartnicki, and Lou Furlong  (KK)

kk12t.jpg I've heard of two-fisted drinkers, but I don't think I ever saw one before

Mike & Jeannie Bradish with Kathy Furlong  (KK)

kk17t.jpg Paul Cellecz, Diana Morgan, her cousin Harvey, and Sheila Cellecz  (KK)

kk20t.jpg Kathy Furlong, Vera's friend Raquel, and Vera Penland
Ed Cardinali is in back  (KK)

kk22bt.jpg Don de Lambert and Ted Loubris set a high sartorial standard.  (KK)

kk23t.jpg Paul Jordan and Linc Dexter

And the winner of the contest for best necktie was ... (KK)

ar18t.jpg Three of these men are dressed like gentlemen.
The other one looks like a fly-by-night freight dog. Guess who?

Ken Kahn, John Winkelman, Paul Jordan, and Bill Razzano  (AR)

kk08t.jpg Seaboard crewmembers are not always fashionably dressed, but they are always resourceful.
When the drawers are drooping, a couple of sturdy brass snap hooks prevent disaster.  (KK)

tl054t.jpg Sunday night, we had dinner in the Octagon Restaurant in the hotel.

In an extraordinarily generous gesture, John Griffith (center), seen here with Peg & Ted Loubris,
treated the entire group to dinner.  (TL)

ABAnita Bouvier
ARAdela Razzano
KKKen Kahn
MBMike Bradish
MMMeredith Mitskog
TLTed Loubris

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List of Attendees

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