SPAR Reunion Photos Prior to 2000

Revised March 13, 2016

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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1998 SPAR reunion, Orlando, FL

r98-01t  Nancy Fowler and Bob Snowden  (NF)

1997 SPAR reunion, St. Augustine, FL

r97-01t  Pinky Clark, Wendell Hobson, and Harry Donnell  (NF)

1996 SPAR reunion, Ponce de Leon Golf and Conference Resort, St. Augustine, FL

r96cc01t  Andrea Battern and Patty Hyatt  (CC)

r96-01t.jpg  Jean Glick and Sheila Cellecz  (LN)

1995 SPAR reunion, St. Augustine, FL

r95-99t  Doris Renniger Brell & Carl Brell  (DH)  

1994 SPAR reunion, River Ranch, Lake Wales, FL

r94cc01t  It's a picnic  (CC)

r94cc07t  Leroy Samuelson, Jim Thomas, Pinky Clark, Harry Donnell, and Jack Webb  (CC)

r94cc02t  Bob Mangas, Dolores Andrew, and Harry Donnell  (CC)

r94cc06t  John Bilotta and Ed Mitchell  (CC)

r94cc04t  Jim Mathis and Gene Gasselle  (CC)

r94cc03t  Dick Moore and Jim Moore (not related)  (CC)

JBJohn Bilotta
CCChuck Clarke
NFNancy Fowler
DHDavid Hill
DMDiana Morgan
LNLarry Nelson
PPPat Parlette
PSPam Snyder
JSJoe Szaflarski

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