George Jacoban

3/30/23 - 10/30/20

jacoban.jpg Picture courtesy of Capt. Ken Kahn

George Jacoban was born in Montreal, Canada. Starting in 1939, he worked as a mechanic for Canadian Pacific Airlines. Before Pearl Harbor, he flew as a crew chief for the Royal Air Force Transport Command, ferrying bombers to England. During World War II, he flew as a flight engineer in the Royal Air Force Transport Command on B‑24s and C‑87s. After the war, George flew as a flight engineer for British Overseas Airways Corporation, Pan American Airways, and Avianca (Columbia) before joining Seaboard in 1958. He enjoyed building and flying homebuilt airplanes, and flying and instructing in sailplanes. This photo shows Seaboard flight attendant Pat Parlette in the cockpit of George's second homebuilt, a GlasAir RG. This photo shows him in a Schweizer 2-32 sailplane with Pat. He is survived by his daughters, Eileen, Diane and Sheila; and son, Leonard. His wife, Bea, predeceased him in 2011.

George is seen here at the 2002 SPAR reunion in Portsmouth NH.

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