Ed & Anita Bouvier's Trip to Germany, July 2013

Revised August 3, 2013

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Photos courtesy of Anita Bouvier

ab459t.jpg 15. Ed & Anita traveled in style.
     Ed is enjoying an Envoy Suite on a US Airways A330.
     The seat reclines into a fully-flat bed more than six feet long.  

ab573t.jpg 16. This bring back memories.

ab470t.jpg 17. Anita & Ed at the Mainz Hilton

ab481t.jpg 18. We were all fortunate to experience places so different from ours.

ab475t.jpg 19. Heri & Barbara Diehlmann, Asgar Stegbauer, Tony Moussalli,
     Ed, Danielle Stegbauer, Anita, and Eusebio Fuentes  

ab477t.jpg 20. Ed served as a good-will ambassador and got along well with the natives; very well.

ab507t.jpg 21. Ed & Anita also went sightseeing with Asgar & Danielle.

ab565t.jpg 22. Ed enjoying German fast food. Bratwurst und bier, Sehr gut.  

ab528t.jpg 23. Lunch venue

ab522t.jpg 24. What a pleasant setting for lunch
     Brigitte Franz, Pat Parlette, Herbert Hörnig, and Helmut Mehling

ab532t.jpg 25. Renate Smend and Hartmut Klamp

ab533t.jpg 26. Herbert Hörnig, Helmut Mehling, and Rudy Mayerl

ab535t.jpg 27. Tommy McPherson, Gustav Recksiek, Helga Träeger, and Tony Moussalli

ab537t.jpg 28. Tony Moussalli, Konrad & Mrs. Bartocha, and Erika Kremer

ab539t.jpg 29. Hartmut Klamp, Bernd & Barbara Alsheimer

ab540t.jpg 30. Manfred Zimmermann

ab542t.jpg 31. Helga Träeger and Peter Grimm

ab546t.jpg 32. Karl Büddefeld and Heri Diehlmann

ab553t.jpg 33. Helma Kohler and Tony Moussalli

ab555t.jpg 34. Rebecca McNeil

ab538t.jpg 35. Konrad & Mrs. Bartocha with Ed

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