2010 SWA Flight Attendants Reunion

San Francisco CA,  Thursday, Oct. 7th - Sunday, Oct. 10th

Revised August 6, 2022

Video by Carol Everhart

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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sm099t.jpg Our old home away from home  (SM)


sm099ct.jpg Names of people in group above  (SM)

bb864t.jpg Andrea Cerar Battern, Vicki Oswald Thornton and Barbara Morton Bungay  (BB)

gd347t.jpg Vicki Oswald Thornton, Diane Bailey Angoni, Dea Bauer Puthoff, and Kathy Dubacher Cornwell  (GD)

sm095t.jpg Mary Beth McKinney, Suzi Kuhlman McKinney, Pat Parlette, and Karla Miller Angle  (SM)

gd343t.jpg Judith Lonergan, Signe Olausen, and Roz Grashaw  (GD)

Judith only visited for a few hours

gd389t.jpg Sarah Uzzell-Rindlaub and Dianne Christenson Kinzig  (GD)

gd291t.jpg Signe Olausen and Mudge Patterson Spaulding  (GD)

gd294t.jpg Signe, Suzi, and Sandi Murtishaw  (GD)

gd289t.jpg Barbara and Diane Bailey Angoni  (GD)

gd277t.jpg Julie Johns Kane and Barbara  (GD)

sm097t.jpg Signe Olausen, Andrea, Shirley Widerski Miller, and Barbara  (SM)

sm113t.jpg   Suzi  (SM)

gd287t.jpg Mary Beth and Andrea  (GD)

bb788t.jpg Carol Everhart  (BB)

bb797t.jpg Andrea Battern Cerar and Judy Carroll Moore  (BB)

gd268t.jpg Roz, Sheila Durkin Poole, and Keye Hollister  (GD)

bb847t.jpg Karla Miller Angle and Mary Lou Cody  (BB)

bb826t.jpg Bonnie Feustal Sprague and Nancy Cuddy Pennell  (BB)

  BB   Barbara Morton Bungay
  GD   Gail Schoeder Dunn
  SM   Suzi Kuhlman McKinney