Seaboard Video

plane.jpg Courtesy of Capt. Bob Snowden 

Seaboard World Airlines
A Crew Member's Album

by David O. Hill & Kenneth J. Kahn

Both the VHS cassette and DVD are permanently out of print

The history of Seaboard & Western Airlines (renamed Seaboard World Airlines in 1961) is told for the first time in this colorful and thoroughly-documented 57-minute video, complete with musical sound track and narration. Seaboard pioneered inter-continental cargo flying, and over its illustrious 33-year history, achieved an impressive record of industry "firsts." Its little known and rarely mentioned extensive passenger operation is fully covered.

More than 440 images appear in the video (80% in color) including the largest collection of Seaboard aircraft photographs ever assembled, many seen publicly for the first time. A list of the photos was included with the original VHS cassettes and is reproduced here.

The video's creators, retired Captains David O. Hill and Kenneth J. Kahn, are uniquely qualified to present this authoritative, first-hand account. Capt. Hill is the author of numerous published articles and photographs on aviation subjects, and Capt. Kahn was an aeronautical engineer with the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation prior to joining Seaboard. Both had careers that included skippering the Boeing 747.

David conceived the video as a means of preserving the Seaboard story. He did all the research, collected all the photographs and documents, obtained permission to use photographs from copyright owner, interviewed company executives, crewmembers, and other employees; wrote and narrated the script, and worked with a video professional to create a master tape. The video is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and his professionalism. Ken did the photo editing.