Seaboard Stories

Revised August 17, 2019

*Previously published in SPAR newsletter. The newsletters were generously contributed by John Bilotta Jr.

Posted Title Author
 8/17/19Seagulls and a StowawayBill Callanan
 9/06/17Crew MealsCapt. Ken Kahn
 1/09/17Sleeping BeautyCapt. Ken Kahn
 4/03/16Machine-Gun PracticeCapt. John Snidow
 3/21/16A Fishy Bird StoryCapt. John Snidow
 3/11/16Overweight TakeoffCapt. John Snidow
 3/11/16Weight and BalanceCapt. Ken Kahn
 8/05/16Pilot Employment, 1968Capt. John Snidow
 7/23/13Pilot Employment, 1947*Capt. Temple Robinson
 7/23/13Merry Christmas, You're FiredCapt. Ken Kahn
 7/21/13Early Odyssey*Capt. Temple Robinson
 7/21/13The DEW Line*Capt. Ian Adamson
 7/20/13Monkey Business*Walter "Jorgy" Jorgensen
 7/19/13Under Enemy Fire*Capt. Ian Adamson
 7/19/13Runaway Prop*Capt. Ed Mitchell and Walter "Jorgy" Jorgensen
 7/19/13The Good Old Days*Walter "Jorgy" Jorgensen
 7/18/13First Pax Flight*Walter "Jorgy" Jorgensen
 7/14/13Growing Up With SeaboardColin Woodbridge-Turner
 6/25/13Paxing PracticeF/E Reed Dilbeck
 6/25/13Superb Performance Under FAA ScrutinyCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/19/13Whiskey JimCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/19/13Ocean Station CharlieCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/18/13Trop GlassesCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/17/13Flying in CirclesCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/17/13Hazardous Duty in a War ZoneCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/17/13I'm Turning Myself InCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/16/13Drinking in the CockpitCapt. David O. Hill
 6/16/13Soggy Bottom DepartureCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/16/13Two-Martini LunchCapt. Ken Kahn
 6/16/13The Idi Amin Fan ClubCapt. Ken Kahn

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