Miscellaneous Photos

January 1, 2018

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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four_men_wt.jpg  Bill Donahue, ?, Joe Halsmer, and Jim McCormick in the 1950s.

Based on distances listed on the sign, the photo was taken near the
Persian Gulf, probably Bahrain or Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.  (JH)  

early_crew1t  Early DC-4 crew  (CB)  

mp900t  Howie Baer, Jorgy, Peggy Barnish, Paul Mlinar,
 Iris Dircks, Dobbie, Helen Brown
 Madrid, early 1960's  (JB)

mp901t  Link Dexter, Carl Hirschberg, Pat Parlette, Will Volkman  (JB)

mp923t  Bob Mangas's retirement party, CT 1981

 back row - Jim Mathis, Vince Sproul, Wendell Hobson, Fred Thorp, Bill Headley

 front row - Pinky Clark, Wendell Hale, Bob Mangas, Carl Hirschberg  (WC)

mp919t  Occasion of Carl Hirschberg's last flight - probably July 1982
 Pat Parlette, Carl  (WC)

mp913t  Ray Poole, Bob McCallister  (WC)

mp914t  Vince Sproul, Bob Neumann  (WC)

mp916t  Pat Parlette, Niles Grover, Betty McAnn, Mike Arnone  (WC)

mp917t  Vince Sproul (center) with Ottoline & Ted Michaliszyn  (WC)

mp918t  Bob & Marian Henry, Nick Tramontano, Niles Grover  (WC)

mp921t  Upgrading to the Connie
 back row - Teacher, Bill Callanan, Harry Newman, Jim Ritter,
 Will Volkman

 front row - Mike Wojciechowski, Joe Marshall, Bill Eastwood,
 Red Herzberg  (WE)

mp928t  Instructor, George Forero, Jim Ritter, Bill Callanan, instructor  (PR)

mp922t  ?, Milt Green, Don Blinn

 1950's or early 1960's.  (DH)

CBCheryl Greider Bradkin
JBJohn Bilotta
JHJoe Halsmer
WCWarren "Pinky" Clark
DHDavid Hill
WEBill Eastwood
PRPaul Ritter Jr.

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