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Revised January 9, 2015

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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pp01t.jpg  Initially, the military required a Registered Nurse aboard each flight,
 and those Flight Attendants who were nurses wore their nurses' uniforms.

 This is Pat Parlette some years after she graduated from nursing school.  (PP)

pp02t.jpg  This is Pat Parlette in 1964 with the first Seaboard World uniform
 for Flight Attendants.

 The new uniform was introduced when Seaboard's first DC-8 went into service.  (PP)

Christmas, 1971, Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam
USAF Photos by Detachment 4, 600th Photo Sq. AAVS (MAC)
courtesy of Pat Parlette

pp08t.jpg  Sweet duty for Master Sgt. Yancy,
 helping the ladies with Christmas decorations.

 Ellie Prakopcyk, Pat Parlette, Ethel Payne, and Sue Beerli.

pp09t.jpg  Ellie Prakopcyk

pp12t.jpg  Ethel Payne Ison

pp10t.jpg  Sue Beerli

pp11t.jpg  Pat Parlette

pp14t.jpg  Weather delay in Shannon, 1978

 Pat Parlette, Vicki Thornton, Jackie Lloyd, Barbara Morton,
 Larry Sullivan, Mary Green, Gail Guynn.  (PP)

pp05t.jpg  Carl Hirschberg and Pat during Carl's last flight
 (with Flying Tigers/Metro), July 9, 1982.

 Pat improvised a cake, and made "candles" out of drinking straws.  (PP)

pp13t.jpg  Bud Redgate and Pat Parlette

 Flying Tigers operations at JFK, 1986.  (PP)

guam_1t.jpg  Crew "hotel" on Guam, 1960's

 Not exactly the Ritz  (TR)

mp929t.jpg  A very senior crew
 Jim Ritter, originally one of the early radio operators; Don Campfield,
 the 3rd navigator hired (in 1947); Bob Warner, the 2nd pilot hired (in 1947);
 Jan Irwin, hired in 1956, Chief Stewardess from 1963 to 1967;
 Bob Snowden, also hired in 1947  (SWA)

mp930t.jpg  Honolulu-based employees in the 1950's
 The names are below the photo.
 Elliot Held was the station manager and the rest were mechanics.  (BC)

jv-01t.jpg  Capt. Ed McKinney, Job Vanderweyde (Ground Supervisor of Cargo),
 and F/O Kaplowitz in Luxembourg operations, 1950's  (JV)

mp932t.jpg  Line maintenance mechanics at breakfast,
 the O-Co-Nee diner, Islip NY, June 18, 2010.
 (L/R) Ed Speidel, Rich Romani, Ralph Brell, Bill Razzano,
 Tom O'Brien, John Winlkelman, Joe Giglo  (JW)  

BCBill Callanan
PPPat Parlette
TRTom Reinke
SWASeaboard photo, courtesy of Paul Ritter Jr.
JVJames Vanderweyde
JWJohn Winkelman

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