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Revised December 6, 2021

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page, except where noted

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guam_daily_news_1968t.jpg  News item in Guam Daily News, October 1968.  (DSH)

 Flight attendants Gail Schoeder, Diane Stannard, and Julie Johns visited the U.S. Navy hospital in Guam.

dsh-05t.jpg  Diane Stannard and Joanie Kremer on their first trip in October, 1967.  (DSH)

 Joanie only stayed with Seaboard for about 2 months.

dsh-06t.jpg  Keye Hollister, Lynn Benedict, Diane Stannard, Gail Schoeder, and Margaret Nelson. Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam  (DSH)

dsh-10t.jpg  Diane Stannard, Lynn Benedict, Keye Hollister, and Sharon Way - inflight 1969  (DSH)

dsh-10t.jpg  Bud Redgate and Diane Stannard outside Hangar 3 at JFK, 1973 or 1974  (DSH)

dsh-07t.jpg  Diane Stannard, Bill Hyatt, Pete Deschenes, and Charlie Pace at Yokota AFB, Japan; February 1968.  (DSH)

dsh-08t.jpg  Joe Kuklewicz and Bill Hyatt in a DC-8-63CF, April 1969.  (DSH)

dsh_03t.jpg  Lucky guy

 Bill Stedman with Margaret Nelson and Diane Stannard Huenerbein, 1968  (DSH)

dsh_04t.jpg  Marlene MacElhenney and Diane Stannard Huenerbein on Guam  (DSH)

dsh_01t.jpg  Ahhh, the Ilikai

 Gene Brainard and Margie Van Haitsma, 1969  (DSH)

dsh-1t.jpg  Letty Lazzaro and Linda Dillingham in front; Jack Alcure and Judy Carroll in back

 Germany 1969  (DSH)

mp-pj-01t.jpg  Bill Eastwood and Klaus Mueller  (PJ)

mp-cc-01t.jpg  Ken Chapman, Nick Tramontano, and David Defieux  (CC)

Capt. Art John at home on the day he retired from FedEx
Pictures courtesy of Sue John

john4t.jpg  Art with Stan LeBedis

john5t.jpg  Art with his son Phil and Stan LeBedis

john6t.jpg  Art & Doreen John

CCChuck Clarke
DSHDiane Stannard Huenerbein
PJPaul Jordan
PPPat Parlette

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