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Revised September 10, 2015

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sm01t.jpg  Birthday party for Trudy Weigand in a Honolulu restaurant, around 1956.

 Doris Boulton, Doris's friend Clint, Susie Morris, Trudy Weigand,
 Ellie Prakopcyk, and Audrey McDonald.  (SM)

cm01t.jpg  Jim and Christl  (CM)

cm08t.jpg  Joe Paiva, Jim Mathis, and Nick Tramontano

 March 1976? during the El Al wet-lease operation.  (CM)

cm02t.jpg  Christa Loughlin and Christl, Aug. 2006  (CM)

cm07t.jpg  A good day fishing for Marlin, Honolulu, 1969.

 Dudley Boleware, Jim Mathis, and John Meckel (F/E). (CM)

cm03t.jpg  Rosie and Ed Cardinali after Ed's last flight  (CM)

cm043t.jpg  Norm Baehr, Ed, and the FedEx copilot on Ed's last flight.  (CM)

cm05t.jpg  Wendell Hobson, Rosie, Christl,
 Pat Parlette, Robin Hobson, and Ed.  (CM)

cm09t.jpg  Ten years after Ed's last flight, Dennis Quick and Christl got together in Vermont with Ed & Rosie.  (CM)

w261t.jpg  Nancy Cuddy Pennell and Mary Ellen Jablonski, Dec. 1967  (LV)

w271t.jpg  Jill Judd, Nov. 1968  (LV)

w454t.jpg  Gloria Lee Holland and Geneva Crowley Marks  (WC)

mp-wc-04t.jpg  Tony Moussalli with Carlotta & Bill Eastwood

 Seaboard party in New York, 1980 or 1981  (WC)  

mitchellt.jpg  Ed Mitchell being congratulated after his last flight by
 Charlie Bell, VP of Operations, April, 6, 1980.

 Emily Stonitch is in back.  (SWA)

fra-mtc_01t.jpg  Fifteen people from Frankfurt Maintenance
 Many familiar faces  (HD)

fra-mtc_02t.jpg  Heribert "Heri" Diehlmann  (HD)

mp911t  Diana Morgan, ANC, 1967 or 1968  (DM)

mp912t  Virginia Carter, Linda Dillingham, Pat Laska; early 1970's  (DM)

WCWarren "Pinky" Clark
HDHeribert Diehlmann
CMChristl Mathis
DMDiana Morgan
SWASeaboard photo, courtesy of Pat Parlette
SMSusie Morris
LWLavyrn Wallace

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