Miscellaneous Photos

Revised December 6, 2021

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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rode1t.jpg  John Willmott and his wife at the time, Suzanne Rode Willmott, back in the Connie days  (JW)

prakopcyk1t.jpg  Ellie Prakopcyk in 1958  (EP)

pjsmith1t.jpg  P.J. Smith (navigator)  (WE)

adamson1t.jpg  Ian Adamson Jan. 1968)  (LW)

lr03t.jpg  Lynn Rippelmeyer, preparing to leave on her first flight in a B-747, 1980  (LR)

w178t.jpg  Ian Adamson and Wally Seymour, Saudia Arabia, 1977  (PC)

w447t.jpg  Marty Salva and George Mayfield in N808FT, a Tigers B-747, at FL 430  (AH)

ep_01t.jpg  Ellie and Sue Beerli on Ellie's birthday, 1968

 Lei provided by Capt. Paul Cellecz who told Ellie "No woman should be without flowers
 on her birthday."  (EP)

cwt1t.jpg  Colin Woodbridge-Turner in London Operations  (CWT)

dm02t.jpg  Cookie Betancourt and Diana Morgan

 London, 1963  (DM)

dm01t.jpg  Pete Forrest and Diana Morgan  (DM)

A Day at the Beach

mp927t  Pinky Clark on Wake Island, 1965  (WC)

tomasky1t  Phil Tomasky on Wake Island, 1965  (WC)

redgate2t.jpg  Bud Redgate in Honolulu, 1966  (RG)

mp924t  Gloria Bowling, Ellie Prakopcyk, & Jean Kenney
 cooling off on a warm day  (JB)

w039t  And so are these three unidentified flight attendants  (JM)

w259t.jpg  Helen Brown Kessing  (RG)

JBJoAnn Benzing
PCPaul Cellecz
WCWarren "Pinky" Clark
WEBill Eastwood
RGRay Gray
AHAl Heller
JMJim Mathis
DMDiana Morgan
EPEllie Prakopcyk
LRLynn Rippelmeyer (seaboard photo)
LWLavyrn Wallace
JWJohn Willmott
CWTColin Woodbridge-Turner

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