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Revised January 1, 2018

The photographers, whose initials are in parentheses, are listed at the bottom of the page

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pp06t.jpg   Flight Attendants Reunion in Norwalk, CT, 1981

 Pat Parlette is behind Pat Laska.  (PP)

s-l_weddingt  Jackie Lloyd & Dick Schwanky, on the occasion of their marriage,
 Reno, Nevada  Aug. 3, 2003  (JLS)

mp920t  Jackie & Herb Stauning,   December, 2002  (HS)

mysteryt-c.jpg  Hotel Tropics

 According to "Capt X" on the FTL forum,
 this is Hickam Barracks, 1962/1963.  (JS)

r69-99t  Gail Guynn, Arnie Visnick, 1969  (JW)

mp925t  Pat Parlette and Keye Hollister
 enjoying a Japanese park.  (LW)

mp926t  Captain Bob Snowden with a deadheading Flying Tigers crew
 in front of Seaboard's sole DC-3, which is painted in
 the colors of Luxembourg Airlines.  (LN)

dorman_02t  Ray Dorman on his last flight (with Flying Tigers),
 with Boyd Higley and Terry Ermert,
 Narita, 1982  (MN)

nick_and_normt  Capt. Nick Tramontano and Norm Baehr in a Tigers airplane
 at Narita, shortly before the FedEx merger, 1989.
 Nick is wearing the summer khaki uniform.  (MN)

w372t  Capt. Ike Battern and Capt. Hal Bemis

 They are standing next to N8638, which is still in the colors
  of Korean Airlines to which it had been dry-leased.  (IB)

IBIke Battern
MNMasao Narita
LNLarry Nelson
JLSJackie Lloyd Schwanky
HSHerb Staunning
JSJoe Szaflarski
LWLavyrn Wallace
JWJack Webb
PPPat Parlette

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